• Electronic plants

    Integrated organic electronic analog and digital circuits can be formed within plant parts and live plants.

  • Estimating the global conservation status of more than 15,000 Amazonian tree species

    Analyses of forest loss and protected areas suggest that 36 to 57% of Amazonian tree flora may qualify as “globally threatened.”

  • Experimental discovery of a topological Weyl semimetal state in TaP

    Photoemission established tantalum phosphide as a Weyl semimetal, which hosts exotic Weyl fermion quasiparticles and Fermi arcs.

  • Selective targeting of the BRG/PB1 bromodomains impairs embryonic and trophoblast stem cell maintenance

    PFI-3, a novel inhibitor targeting the bromodomains of essential components of the BAF/PBAF complex, affects the differentiation of ESC and TSC.

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