Does basic energy access generate socioeconomic benefits? A field experiment with off-grid solar power in India

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Science Advances  17 May 2017:
Vol. 3, no. 5, e1602153
DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.1602153

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vol. 3 no. 5

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  • Received for publication September 7, 2016
  • Accepted for publication March 20, 2017

Author Information

  1. Michaël Aklin1,*,
  2. Patrick Bayer2,
  3. S. P. Harish3,4 and
  4. Johannes Urpelainen5
  1. 1Department of Political Science, University of Pittsburgh, 4600 Wesley W. Posvar Hall, Pittsburgh, PA 15260, USA.
  2. 2School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Glasgow, Adam Smith Building, 40 Bute Gardens, Glasgow G12 8RT, Scotland, UK
  3. 3Department of Politics, New York University, 19 West 4th Street, New York, NY 10009, USA.
  4. 4Institute for the Study of International Development, McGill University, 3460 McTavish Street, Montreal, Quebec H3A 0E6, Canada.
  5. 5Department of Political Science, Columbia University, 420 West 118th Street, 712 IAB, New York, NY 10027, USA.
  1. *Corresponding author. Email: aklin{at}


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