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A unique role for DNA (hydroxy)methylation in epigenetic regulation of human inhibitory neurons

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Science Advances  26 Sep 2018:
Vol. 4, no. 9, eaau6190
DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aau6190

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vol. 4 no. 9

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  • Received for publication June 28, 2018
  • Accepted for publication August 22, 2018

Author Information

  1. Alexey Kozlenkov1,2,*,
  2. Junhao Li3,*,
  3. Pasha Apontes1,
  4. Yasmin L. Hurd2,
  5. William M. Byne1,2,
  6. Eugene V. Koonin4,
  7. Michael Wegner5,
  8. Eran A. Mukamel3, and
  9. Stella Dracheva1,2,
  1. 1James J. Peters VA Medical Center, Bronx, NY 10468, USA.
  2. 2Friedman Brain Institute and Department of Psychiatry, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, NY 10029, USA.
  3. 3Department of Cognitive Science, University of California, San Diego, San Diego, CA 92037, USA.
  4. 4National Center for Biotechnology Information, National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD 20894, USA.
  5. 5Institut für Biochemie, Emil-Fischer-Zentrum, Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Erlangen 91054, Germany.
  1. Corresponding author. Email: emukamel{at} (E.A.M.); stella.dracheva{at} (S.D.)
    • * These authors contributed equally to the work


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