Aims and scope

Science Advances is the offspring of Science, created by the opportunities and imperatives of digital, open access publishing.

As AAAS’ first open access online-only journal, Science Advances will:

Publish significant, innovative original research that advances the frontiers of science and extends the standards of excellence established by Science.

Publish in a broad array of fields including computer, engineering, environmental, life, mathematical, physical, and social sciences.

Publish quickly to allow new science with potential global impact to be rapidly distributed, discussed, and built upon.

Promote and exemplify concise, readable prose that will allow scientific findings to be understood by a broad range of readers.

Publish cross-disciplinary research and collaborations, to encourage innovative approaches to complex scientific and social problems, and support open discourse among readers in diverse areas of interest and expertise.

Promote and uphold the highest standards in the conduct and communication of scientific research.