Article licensing

Before Science Advances fully accepts a manuscript, authors must sign and submit a license agreement (PDF) that allows AAAS exclusive rights to publish and use your contribution. As an open access journal, Science Advances then asks authors to choose one of two Creative Commons licenses, each of which allows readers to reuse the published content in specific ways. The CC BY-NC license allows readers to distribute, adapt, or reuse articles for non-commercial purposes, while commercial reuse requires permission. The CC BY license, available for a surcharge, allows readers to distribute, adapt, or reuse articles, including for commercial purposes. The base APC for articles published under a CC BY-NC license is $3,692. The base APC for articles published under a CC BY license is $4,922. Several discounts may apply – please visit our APC page for more information. With discounts and surcharges, we expect that the average author will likely pay an APC of approximately $3,000 in 2017. 

We assess the surcharge to account for potential lost secondary revenue such as permissions and reprint sales. Launching and sustaining a journal of this caliber requires a significant investment. Rather than charging a higher price for all authors, we assess a surcharge only on the CC BY license. Authors can comply with various institutional and funder mandates by choosing to publish under a CC BY license. 

Please contact the Science Advances Business Office if you have any APC, discount, license, or waiver questions.