Science Advances staff

Editorial staff

Editor-in-Chief, Science family of journals: Jeremy Berg, PhD

Editor: Ali Shilatifard

Managing Editor: Philippa J. Benson, PhD

Senior Editorial Staff: Kasey Hayes, Julia Katris, Laura Remis, Rachel Walther

Editorial Coordinators: Esinu Abadjivor, Kollen Post

Publishing office and business staff

Executive Publisher: Rush Holt, PhD

Publisher: Bill Moran

Director, Product and Custom Publishing: Will Schweitzer
Director, Business Systems and Financial Analysis: Randy Yi
Associate Director, Product Management: Kris Bishop
Director, Copyright/License and Special Projects: Emilie David
Director, Institutional Licensing Operations: Iquo Edim
Rights and Permissions Associate: Elizabeth Sandler
Senior Product Associate: Robert Koepke

Digital Media and Production

Chief Digital Media Officer: Josh Freeman

Digital/Print Strategy Manager: Jason Hillman
Quality Technical Manager: Marcus Spiegler
Senior Content Specialists: Antoinette Hodal, Lori Murphy

Design Managing Editor: Marcy Atarod
Photography Managing Editor: Bill Douthitt