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  • text S1. Historical documents list.
  • text S2. Comparing the impacts of contemporary subsistence hunting versus historical commercial hunting in Amazonia.
  • text S3. International demand for Amazonian hides through time.
  • fig. S1. Rural population in the central-western Brazilian Amazon.
  • fig. S2. Central-western Brazilian Amazon yields (U.S. dollars in 2015 currency equivalence) for foremost 20th century products.
  • table S1. Average hide weights of commercially hunted species.
  • table S2. Intrinsic rate of natural increase (Rmax) for game species and parameters required for its calculation by the Cole equation.
  • table S3. Area of terrestrial and aquatic habitats, and their accessibility by hunters, under two hunting catchment area scenarios (buffers of 5 and 10 km around all settlements) in the central-western Brazilian Amazon.
  • table S4. Comparison between the Robinson-Redford production index and commercial harvests at two historical peaks for terrestrial species.
  • table S5. Comparison of the minimum refuge area required for maximum sustainable harvests (AMSY) according to the Joshi and Gadgil model (α = 1/λ) to actual refuge area (Arefuge) in the central-western Brazilian Amazon.
  • References (139148)

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