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  • X-ray Experimentals
  • fig. S1. UV-Vis absorption spectra of Au23(SR)16 and Au23−xAgx(SR)16.
  • fig. S2. MALDI mass spectra of Au23(SR)16 (black), Au23−xAgx(SR)16 (green), and Au21(SR)12(P–C–P)2+ (gray) sample.
  • fig. S3. ESI mass spectrum of Au21(SR)12(P–C–P)2+.
  • fig. S4. 31P-NMR spectrum of Au21(SR)12(P–C–P)2+.
  • fig. S5. UV-Vis absorption spectra of samples with increasing mass ratio of AgI(SR) that reacted with Au23(SR)16.
  • fig. S6. X-ray crystal structure of Au25−xAgx(SR)18 (x ~ 4).
  • fig. S7. AgI(SR) complex–induced transformation from Au23(SR)16 to heavily Ag-doped Au25−xAgx(SR)18.
  • fig. S8. DFT-relaxed Au23−xAgx(SR)18 (x = 1 to 3) and Au25−yAgy(SR)18 (y = 2, 3) nanoclusters and associated relative electronic energies.
  • table S1. Atomic percentages of Au and Ag in the Au21(SR)12(P–C–P)2+AgCl2 obtained by EDS-SEM.
  • table S2. DFT free energies of reactions of intermediates and possible reaction pathways.
  • table S3. Crystal data and structure refinement for Au22.13Ag0.87(SR)16 TOA+.
  • table S4. Crystal data and structure refinement for Au20.51Ag4.49(SR)18 TOA+.
  • table S5. Crystal data and structure refinement for Au21(SR)12(P–C–P)2+AgCl2.

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