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Supplementary Materials

This PDF file includes:

  • The study section
  • Evidence for primary seawater δ238U values
  • Compilation of global carbonate δ238U records for PTB interval
  • Possible timing of onset of oceanic anoxia
  • Age-thickness model for Zal section
  • Cross-correlation analysis
  • High-resolution intercomparison of Zal δ13C, 87Sr/86Sr, and δ238U records
  • Estimation of weathering rates and seawater PO43− levels in the Early Triassic ocean
  • Box model estimates for fanox
  • Patterns of marine invertebrate clade recovery following the LPME
  • Ammonoid extinction rates
  • table S1. Strontium and phosphorus model parameterization.
  • table S2. Uranium box model parameterization.
  • fig. S1. Geochemical profile of Zal, Iran.
  • fig. S2. Diagenetic evaluation cross-plots of δ238U-Sr, δ238U-Mn/Sr, and δ238UMg/ Ca (mol/mol) of all samples, samples below 3.5 m, samples between 3.5 and 500 m, and samples above 500 m.
  • fig. S3. Cross-plots of δ238U-Rb/Sr and δ238U-U/Al ratio parts per million/weight % (wt %) for all samples and samples below and above 500 m.
  • fig. S4. Cross-plots of δ238U-Mn/Sr, δ238U-Mg/Ca, δ238U-Rb/Sr, and δ238U-U/Al (wt %) for anoxic events 1 and 2.
  • fig. S5. Cross-plots of δ238U-Mn/Sr, δ238U-Mg/Ca, δ238U-Rb/Sr, and δ238U-U/Al (wt %) for anoxic events 3 and 4.
  • fig. S6. Cross-plots of δ13C-δ18O for the Zal section.
  • fig. S7. Location of Iran, South China, and Turkey during the Permian-Triassic transition, ~252 Ma (modified after Payne et al. (60).
  • fig. S8. Comparison of U- and C-isotope profiles for Zal, Dawen, Dajiang, Taşkent, and Kamura.
  • fig. S9. A LOWESS trend showing inferred timing of onset of latest Permian oceanic anoxia.
  • fig. S10. Age-depth model for the Zal, Iran study section.
  • fig. S11. Cross-correlation analysis of LOWESS-smoothed curves for U-C-Sr isotope records.
  • fig. S12. 87Sr/86Sr-derived estimates of the continental weathering flux and the calculated seawater PO43− concentrations for the Early Triassic ocean.
  • fig. S13. Interregional ammonoid zonation scheme.
  • References (61–115)

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Other Supplementary Material for this manuscript includes the following:

  • dataset S1 (Microsoft Excel format). δ238U data with associated geochemical data.

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