• Electronic plants

    Integrated organic electronic analog and digital circuits can be formed within plant parts and live plants.

  • Estimating the global conservation status of more than 15,000 Amazonian tree species

    Analyses of forest loss and protected areas suggest that 36 to 57% of Amazonian tree flora may qualify as “globally threatened.”

  • Experimental discovery of a topological Weyl semimetal state in TaP

    Photoemission established tantalum phosphide as a Weyl semimetal, which hosts exotic Weyl fermion quasiparticles and Fermi arcs.

  • Selective targeting of the BRG/PB1 bromodomains impairs embryonic and trophoblast stem cell maintenance

    PFI-3, a novel inhibitor targeting the bromodomains of essential components of the BAF/PBAF complex, affects the differentiation of ESC and TSC.

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ONLINE COVER Comparisons of bone strength demonstrate that prehistoric women performed rigorous manual labor for thousands of years in Central Europe at levels exceeding those of modern women, Macintosh et al. report. CREDIT: DIDIER DESCOUENS/CREATIVE COMMONS