Table 1 Characteristics of the five reef zones, number of historical coral observations, mean depth of historical coral observations, and mean percent loss across zones.

Percent loss represents the number of discrete historical observations in each zone that are represented by modern coral on modern benthic habitat maps. Values are mean estimates of change using three threshold distances (0.25, 0.5, and 0.75 km). na, not applicable.

ZoneNameDepth range of corals (m)Historical coral observationsMean percent loss (SE, range)
1Florida Bay2.1–11.4887.5 (7.2, 75–100)
2Nearshore patch reef0.6–9.13168.8 (7.5, 61.3–83.9)
3Offshore patch reef0.6–12.33540.0 (11.9, 22.9–62.9)
4Reef crest1.2–14.64712.1 (6.8, 4.3–25.5)
5Forereef12.8–58.5220 (0, na)