Table 1 Arrhenius fit parameters for the temperature variations of different species diffusivities and viscosity at zero pressure (±1 GPa) of the carbonated MgSiO3 melt (with 16.1 wt % CO2).

The model parameters for the pure melt (40, 44) are shown for comparison. Dα represents the self-diffusion coefficient for species α (Mg, Si, O, and C) and η represents the melt viscosity.

D0 (10−9 m2 s−1)η0 (10−5 Pa⋅s)
Carbonated melt1223512105712553.5
Pure melt47397313143.5
ED (kJ/mol)Eη (kJ/mol)
Carbonated melt128100149139125
Pure melt105154151134