July 2021
Vol 7, Issue 30

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ONLINE COVER Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), in which liver fat accumulates in people who drink little or no alcohol, is the most common liver disorder. While the disease often does not show symptoms, in about 30% of cases it develops into a severe condition that negatively impacts quality of life. To examine the integrity of the hepatic nervous system in different stages of NAFLD, Adori et al. studied transgenic mouse lines and human liver biopsy tissues using light sheet microscopy, various molecular techniques, and tissue clearing and volume (3D) immuno-imaging technology—a significant advance over traditional visualization of hepatic nerves using 2D imaging. They found dramatic neurodegenerative changes in the sympathetic/noradrenergic innervation, with increasing severity related with fat accumulation and greater inflammation. These findings may lead to novel therapeutic strategies for treating NAFLD. [CREDIT: ADORI ET AL/SCIENCE ADVANCES]