A new generation of alloyed/multimetal chalcogenide nanowires by chemical transformation

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Science Advances  06 Nov 2015:
Vol. 1, no. 10, e1500714
DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.1500714


One-dimensional metal chalcogenide nanostructures are important candidates for many technological applications such as photovoltaic and thermoelectric devices. However, the design and synthesis of one-dimensional metal chalcogenide nanostructured materials with controllable components and properties remain a challenge. We report a general chemical transformation process for the synthesis of more than 45 kinds of one-dimensional alloyed/hybrid metal chalcogenide nanostructures inherited from mother template TexSey@Se core-shell nanowires with tunable compositions. As many as nine types of monometal chalcogenide alloy nanowires (including AgSeTe, HgSeTe, CuSeTe, BiSeTe, PbSeTe, CdSeTe, SbSeTe, NiSeTe, and CoSeTe) can be synthesized. Alloyed and hybrid nanowires integrated with two or more alloyed metal chalcogenide phases can also be prepared. The compositions of all of these metal chalcogenide nanowires are tunable within a wide range. This protocol provides a new general route for the controllable synthesis of a new generation of one-dimensional metal chalcogenide nanostructures.

  • chemical transformation
  • core-shell nanostructures
  • nanowires
  • metal chalcogenide
  • alloy
  • hybrid

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