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Quantum walks and wavepacket dynamics on a lattice with twisted photons

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Science Advances  13 Mar 2015:
Vol. 1, no. 2, e1500087
DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.1500087


The “quantum walk” has emerged recently as a paradigmatic process for the dynamic simulation of complex quantum systems, entanglement production and quantum computation. Hitherto, photonic implementations of quantum walks have mainly been based on multipath interferometric schemes in real space. We report the experimental realization of a discrete quantum walk taking place in the orbital angular momentum space of light, both for a single photon and for two simultaneous photons. In contrast to previous implementations, the whole process develops in a single light beam, with no need of interferometers; it requires optical resources scaling linearly with the number of steps; and it allows flexible control of input and output superposition states. Exploiting the latter property, we explored the system band structure in momentum space and the associated spin-orbit topological features by simulating the quantum dynamics of Gaussian wavepackets. Our demonstration introduces a novel versatile photonic platform for quantum simulations.

  • Quantum simulations
  • Quantum walk
  • Orbital angular momentum of light
  • Spin-orbit effects
  • Periodic quantum systems
  • Quantum optics

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