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Extending Wheeler’s delayed-choice experiment to space

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Science Advances  25 Oct 2017:
Vol. 3, no. 10, e1701180
DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.1701180

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  • RE: Conjectures on a mathematical frame to accommodate the Vedovato´s et al (2017) results that indeed reinforces the wave-particle duality as a fundamental problem
    • Pierre Ferreira do Prado, Engineer/Phd candidate, University of Valencia, Spain and University of State of Sao Paulo, Brazil
    • Other Contributors:
      • Dr. Iolanda Cristina Silveira Duarte, Professor, Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil

    The experiment proposed by Vedovato et al. (2017) offered a clever way to implement Wheelers Delayed choice experiment. The results obtained by the authors reinforces quantum mechanics previsions on the necessity of the dual interpretation:  particle - wave despite space-like scale distances used on the experimental set up.

    Vedovato´s paper indeed reinforces the evidence that this duality is due to some type of deep and fundamental origins. This was, including, pointed by Niels Bohr, who stated that wave-particle duality was the most fundamental question to be answered. To accommodate mathematically Vedovato´s et al. results, this letter aims to suggest a possible mathematical framework to explore the wave-particle duality.

    Conjectures on the variational origins of Wave-particle Duality

    Premise one: Both wave-like and particle-like patterns share a key feature, not totally clear yet, but which possibly holds a non-zero amount of energy.

    Premise two: The energy featured in common to both could be interpreted like a plane where both “lives” mathematically.

    These two premises are inspired by a method to find a variational formulation of physical problems (Tonti, 1972) and could trigger a math model that follows as:

    a) Particle stands to a space V

    b) Slit stands to another independent space U

     c) but, as both share a common feature, they can be called spaces in duality requiring a...

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    Competing Interests: None declared.

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