Oil for the cancer engine: The cross-talk between oncogenic signaling and polyamine metabolism

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Science Advances  24 Jan 2018:
Vol. 4, no. 1, eaar2606
DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aar2606


  • Fig. 1 Regulation and targeting of polyamine metabolism.
  • Fig. 2 Molecular and biological consequences of polyamines.
  • Fig. 3 Oncogenic signaling regulating polyamine metabolism.


  • Table 1 Table highlighting polyamine metabolism targeting inhibitors tested in preclinical and/or clinical studies.

    PA, polyamine.

    Preclinical studies
    DFMOODC1Prostate cancer(101, 102)
    Pancreatic cancer(103)
    Breast cancer(104, 105)
    Colon cancer(106)
    Neuroblastoma(107, 108)
    Live cancer(109)
    MGBCPAMD1Prostate cancer(102)
    SAM486A (CGP48664)AMD1Bladder cancer, melanoma(113)
    ORI 1202*PA transporterBreast cancer(105)
    Prostate cancer(101)
    BENSpm/DENSpm# [N (1),N (11)bis(ethyl)norspermine]PA analogBreast cancer(114)
    PG11047/CGC-11047#PA analogLung cancer(115)
    Prostate and lung cancer(116)
    Pediatric tumors(117)
    SL11144/ CGC-11144PA analogBreast cancer(118)
    Clinical trials
    InhibitorTargetCancer typeReference
    DFMOODC1Prostate cancer(119)
    Lung and colon cancer(120)
    MGBCPAMD1Prostate cancer(119)
    SAM486A (CGP48664)AMD1Solid tumors(18, 19, 121, 122)
    Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma(121, 123)
    BENSpm/DENSpm# [N1,N11-bis(ethyl)norspermine]PA analogSolid tumors(124)
    Non–small cell lung cancer(125)
    Metastatic breast cancer(126)
    DEHSPM (N1,N14-diethyl homospermine)PA analogSolid tumors(127)
    PG11047/CGC-11047#PA analogSolid, NCT00705653
    Solid tumors and, NCT00705874

    *In combination with other inhibitors.

    #As a single agent and in combination with chemotherapy.

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