April 2019
Vol 5, Issue 4

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ONLINE COVER Though the River Nile supports millions of human livelihoods and holds globally important fish biodiversity, it remains under-protected. No basin-wide spatial conservation planning has been attempted to date. Here, Allan et al. put forward a basin-wide conservation prioritization approach. They compare different cross-boundary collaboration scenarios for achieving biodiversity conservation targets, finding that collaborative conservation efforts are crucial for reducing conservation costs—resulting in a 34% savings compared to uncoordinated, business-as-usual scenarios. The researchers also identify priority areas for conservation action. Conservation priority "hotspots" that were consistently selected across all the collaboration scenarios include the Nile Delta in Egypt, Northern Sudan and Southern Egypt, and the East African Great Lakes. The researchers' approach represents a framework for improving conservation at large and complex river systems globally. [CREDIT: J.D. DALLET/AGE FOTOSTOCK/ALAMY STOCK PHOTO]