June 2019
Vol 5, Issue 6

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ONLINE COVER In a world challenged by urgent and complex problems, from climate change to disease epidemics, science education is critical for empowering scientists to effectively communicate their findings. In a new study, Bush et al. find that Science Faculty with Education Specialties (SFES) are now more prevalent and more likely to possess formal training in science education than they were a decade ago. The researchers compared the current state of SFES from the 23-campus California State University system to a study of the same population conducted in 2007 by conducting online surveys, interviews with deans, and reflections from staff who have been in their positions since the original study, observing a 51% increase in the number of SFES respondents compared with the 2007 study. More than twice as many SFES who started after 2007 reported formal training in science education compared to those who started earlier, suggesting that new training pathways have emerged in the past decade. [CREDIT: MASKOT/GETTY IMAGES]