Conformable self-assembling amyloid protein coatings with genetically programmable functionality

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Science Advances  20 May 2020:
Vol. 6, no. 21, eaba1425
DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aba1425

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vol. 6 no. 21

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  • Received for publication November 9, 2019
  • Accepted for publication February 5, 2020
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Author Information

  1. Yingfeng Li1,*,
  2. Ke Li1,*,
  3. Xinyu Wang1,
  4. Mengkui Cui1,
  5. Peng Ge2,
  6. Junhu Zhang2,
  7. Feng Qiu3 and
  8. Chao Zhong1,4,
  1. 1Materials and Physical Biology Division, School of Physical Science and Technology, ShanghaiTech University, Shanghai 201210, China.
  2. 2State Key Laboratory of Supramolecular Structure and Materials, College of Chemistry, Jilin University, Changchun 130012, China.
  3. 3School of Life Science and Technology, ShanghaiTech University, Shanghai 201210, China.
  4. 4Materials Synthetic Biology Center, Shenzhen Institute of Synthetic Biology, Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenzhen 518055, China.
  1. Corresponding author. Email: zhongchao{at}
  • * These authors contributed equally to this work.


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