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Access to tetracyclic aromatics with bridgehead metals via metalla-click reactions

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Science Advances  17 Jan 2020:
Vol. 6, no. 3, eaay2535
DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aay2535

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vol. 6 no. 3

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  • Received for publication June 3, 2019
  • Accepted for publication November 15, 2019
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Author Information

  1. Zhengyu Lu1,2,*,
  2. Qin Zhu1,*,
  3. Yuanting Cai1,
  4. Zhixin Chen1,
  5. Kaiyue Zhuo1,
  6. Jun Zhu1,
  7. Hong Zhang1, and
  8. Haiping Xia1,2,
  1. 1State Key Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of Solid Surfaces, Collaborative Innovation Center of Chemistry for Energy Materials (iChEM), College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Xiamen University, Xiamen 361005, China.
  2. 2Department of Chemistry, Shenzhen Grubbs Institute, Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen 518055, China.
  1. Corresponding author. Email: zh{at} (H.Z.); hpxia{at} (H.X.)
  • * These authors contributed equally to this work.


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