Amazon conservation and students’ interests for biodiversity: The need to boost science education in Brazil

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Science Advances  26 Aug 2020:
Vol. 6, no. 35, eabb0110
DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abb0110

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vol. 6 no. 35

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  • Received for publication January 22, 2020
  • Accepted for publication July 13, 2020
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Author Information

  1. Fernanda Franzolin1,*,
  2. Paulo S. Garcia2,* and
  3. Nelio Bizzo3,
  1. 1Center of Natural and Human Sciences, Federal University of ABC, Santo André, SP, Brazil.
  2. 2Research Pro-Rectory, São Caetano do Sul County University, São Caetano do Sul, SP, Brazil.
  3. 3Institute of Environmental, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Federal University of São Paulo, Diadema (SP), Brazil and School of Education, São Paulo University, São Paulo, SP, Brazil.
  1. Corresponding author. Email: bizzo{at}
  • * These authors contributed equally to this work.


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