Kondo physics in antiferromagnetic Weyl semimetal Mn3+xSn1−x films

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Science Advances  28 Aug 2020:
Vol. 6, no. 35, eabc1977
DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abc1977
  • Fig. 1 Crystal structure and spin structure of Mn3Sn.

    (A) Crystal structure of Mn3Sn, which consists of stacked Kagome Mn3Sn layers, and (B) triangular spin structure in the Kagome layer (ab plane).

  • Fig. 2 Structure characterization and extended compositional range of (0001) films.

    (A) Representative XRD 2θ scan of (0001) Mn3Sn films. Inset: XRD 2θ scan of (0001) films with different compositions. (B) Triple-axis high-resolution XRD (HR-XRD) ω scan (rocking curve) of Mn3+xSn1−x (0002) peak (x = 0.50). (C) In-plane φ scans of Mn3Sn (202¯1), Pt (002), and Al2O3 (112¯3) planes with tilt angles Ψ are shown in the figure. (D) Lattice constants c (solid symbols) and a (open symbols) as a function of compositions. a.u., arbitrary units.

  • Fig. 3 Evolution of Kondo effect and gap opening in Mn3+xSn1−x films.

    Normalized resistance γ as a function of temperature for various x (A), for (B) x = 0.27, (C) x = 0.39, (D) x = 0.44, and (E) x = 0.55, respectively. Inset of (E): ln(GGT=5K) as a function of 1/T, and linear fit (red line) gives a gap value of 10.2 meV. (F) Transmission of x = 0.47 (red) and x = 0.13 (violet) samples as a function of frequency.

  • Fig. 4 Resonance-enhanced terahertz Faraday rotation in (112¯0) Mn3+xSn1−x films.

    Real part (A) and imaginary part (B) of the Faraday rotation as a function of frequency at different fields for x = 0.47 and x = 0.13 at T = 2 K.

  • Fig. 5 Anomalous Hall effects and phase diagram of Mn3+xSn1−x films.

    (A) Anomalous Hall resistivity ρAHR* as a function of temperature for different compositions for (112¯0) films. (B) Colored contour map of ρAHR* in the T-x plane for (112¯0) films. Right y axis: −ρAHR* (T = 300 K) as a function of x. Inset of (B): Schematic diagrams of Weyl cones with opposite chirality and gapped cone. (C) Anomalous Hall resistivity ρAHR* of (0001) films as a function of temperature for x = 0.21 (solid circles) and x = 0.51 (open squares), respectively.

  • Fig. 6 Magnetoresistances of (0001) Mn3+xSn1−x films.

    Resistance change [R(H) − R(H = 0)] as a function of field for (A) x = 0.16 and (B) x = 0.51 at T = 2 K (blue) and T = 300 K (red).

Supplementary Materials

  • Supplementary Materials

    Kondo physics in antiferromagnetic Weyl semimetal Mn3+ xSn1− x films

    Durga Khadka, T. R. Thapaliya, Sebastian Hurtado Parra, Xingyue Han, Jiajia Wen, Ryan F. Need, Pravin Khanal, Weigang Wang, Jiadong Zang, James M. Kikkawa, Liang Wu, S. X. Huang

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