September 2020
Vol 6, Issue 39

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ONLINE COVER Squeezed light—which has a reduced quantum uncertainty—is the basic building block for many photonic quantum information processing applications. These include continuous-variable quantum computation and Gaussian boson sampling, which is used in molecular vibronic spectrum simulations, quantum graph problem embeddings, and molecular docking configuration predictions. To generate a scalable source of squeezed light that may be utilized in for these various purposes, Vaidya et al. demonstrated an integrated nanophotonic device that produces both a quadrature squeezed vacuum and photon number difference squeezing. The researchers used homodyne detection, which compares an oscillating signal with a standard oscillation, and direct photon statistics to characterize the light generated by the device, detecting multi-photon events with rates that exceed demonstrations in previous research. The findings may be used to scale up continuous variable quantum technologies. {CREDIT: XANADU QUANTUM TECHNOLOGIES INC.]