Embedding two-dimensional graphene array in ceramic matrix

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Science Advances  23 Sep 2020:
Vol. 6, no. 39, eabb1338
DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abb1338
  • Fig. 1 A facile route to synthesize the few layer graphene (FLG)/ceramic composite.

  • Fig. 2 Morphological and structural characterization of FLG/ceramic composites.

    (A) Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) image of the fractured surface of 5 volume % FLG/SiO2. (B) HRTEM image of FLG in an SiO2 matrix. (C) X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) spectrum for Si2p in the FLG/SiO2 composite. (D) SEM image of the fractured surface of 5 volume % FLG/Al2O3. (E) HRTEM image of FLG in an Al2O3 matrix. (F) XPS spectrum for Al2p in the FLG/Al2O3 composite. (G) SEM image of the fractured surface of 5 volume % FLG/ZrO2. (H) HRTEM image of FLG in a ZrO2 matrix with inset image showing the presence of dislocation near the interface. (I) XPS spectrum for C1s in the FLG/ZrO2 composite. a.u., arbitrary unit.

  • Fig. 3 Tribological properties of FLG/ceramic composites.

    (A) Schematic of the self-lubricating effect during the friction process and the SEM images of the wear tracks of the FLG-reinforced composite. (B) Friction coefficients of prepared FLG/ceramic (5 volume %) composites tested under different load and speed. (C) Comparison of the friction coefficient reduction in this work and that reported for ceramics and ceramic-based composites.

  • Fig. 4 Mechanical properties and toughening mechanisms of FLG/ceramic composites.

    (A) Flexural strength of three ceramics without and with FLG reinforcement (5 volume %). (B) Increasing crack extension resistance curves (evaluated by the steady-state fracture toughness, KJC) of three FLG/composites. (C) Crack deflection observed in in situ three-point bending test on the FLG/SiO2. (D) Microcrack deflection and graphene bridging in FLG/SiO2. (E) Wavy graphene in the ceramic matrix. (F) Stress distribution near the crack tip by progressive interface failure via finite element method simulation. (G) Comparison diagram of FLG/ceramic composites and other reported ceramics reinforced with carbon nanostructures.

  • Fig. 5 EMI shielding effectiveness (SE) of FLG/ceramic composites.

    (A) EMI SE of FLG/SiO2, FLG/Al2O3, and FLG/ZrO2 composites in the X-band. (B) Comparison of EMI SE values from this work and those of other carbon/ceramic composites. (C) SER and SEA of FLG/SiO2, FLG/Al2O3, and FLG/ZrO2 samples at 8.2 GHz. (D) Schematic of the proposed EMI shielding mechanism, in which the electromagnetic wave undergoes multiple internal reflections between the aligned graphene layers and is absorbed into the ceramic matrix.

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    Embedding two-dimensional graphene array in ceramic matrix

    Chuan Sun, Yujia Huang, Qiang Shen, Wei Wang, Wei Pan, Peng’an Zong, Li Yang, Yan Xing, Chunlei Wan

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