Direct detection of circular polarized light in helical 1D perovskite-based photodiode

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Science Advances  11 Nov 2020:
Vol. 6, no. 46, eabd3274
DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abd3274


Detection of circularly polarized light (CPL) has a high potential for development of various optical technologies. Conventional photodetectors require optical polarizers on the device to detect polarized light, and this causes substantial losses of sensitivity and resolution in light detection. Here, we report direct CPL detection by a photodiode using a helical one-dimensional (1D) structure of lead halide perovskites composed of naphthylethylamine-based chiral organic cations. The 1D structure with face-sharing (PbI6)4− octahedral chains whose helicity is largely affected by chiral cations shows intense circular dichroism (CD) signals over 3000 mdeg at 395 nm with the highly anisotropy factor (gCD) of 0.04. This high CD enables photocurrent detection with effective discrimination between left-handed and right-handed CPLs. The CPL detector based on this 1D perovskite achieved the highest polarization discrimination ratio of 25.4, which largely surpasses the direct detecting CPL devices (<4) using chiral plasmonic metamaterials and organic materials.

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