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About Peer Review in Science Advances

All Research Articles and Reviews published by Science Advances have been rigorously peer reviewed.

Only a small proportion of papers submitted to Science Advances are sent out for review. We require at least two reviews to be submitted before a decision will be made regarding any manuscript.

When first invited, reviewers see only the title and abstract of a manuscript. If reviewers want to accept the invitation they must declare that they will keep the manuscript and all related materials confidential, and that they have no conflicts of interest.

Once reviewers make these statements and agree to review, then they are sent the full manuscript and related files to evaluate.

At Science Advances, we ask reviewers return their evaluations within two weeks, although assigning editors may change that time parameter. Editors may ask the same or new reviewers to assess a manuscript after it has been revised after review. Editors also have discretion to bring in reviewers with specialized expertise to evaluate specific aspects of a manuscript such as complex statistical analyses. Reviewers submit their evaluations through our Manuscript Submission and Information Portal at

Science Advances editors are responsible for all final decisions to reject or accept a manuscript.

Our acceptance policies are driven by our mission to provide access to rigorously conducted, ground-breaking research in all scientific disciplines. Our Editors are committed to ensuring a fair, thorough, and professional peer review upon which they determine which papers to select for inclusion in our journal.

The members of the scientific community who serve as peer reviewers for Science Advances are essential to ensuring the quality of the articles published in the journal.

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Downloading the manuscript and submitting your review

Access the manuscript for review and submit your review at the Science Journals Manuscript Submission and Information Portal:

If you need assistance, please email us at

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Guidelines for Reviewers

  1. Be objective. If you cannot judge a paper impartially, you should not accept the invitation to review it. If you have any professional, personal, or financial affiliations that are or even may be perceived as a conflict of interest in reviewing the manuscript, you should not accept the invitation or review, or, if you uncover this conflict of interest after you see the full manuscript materials, you should recuse yourself immediately and fully inform the journal editors. If there is an aspect of a manuscript you’re reviewing that you feel you are not qualified to evaluate, inform the editor.
  2. Provide complete and useful comments. You should strive to write thorough and constructive comments to the authors, and articulate criticisms to them as possible. Science Advances editors have the right to edit comments that are deemed to be rude or of a nature that will hinder constructive discussion of manuscripts.
  3. Work quickly. Science Advances asks that most reviews be returned within two weeks, although editors sometimes extend the deadline. If you cannot meet the deadline you are given for returning a complete review let the editor and staff know as soon as possible.
  4. Maintain confidentiality. Any manuscript you access to review is a privileged and confidential document. You should not discuss the content or ideas in the document with others and you are expected to delete or destroy all copies of the manuscript after review. Please do not share the manuscript with any colleagues without the explicit permission of the editor. Reviewers should not make personal or professional use of the data or interpretations before publication without the authors' specific permission (unless you are writing an editorial or commentary to accompany the article).
  5. Maintain anonymity. Science Advances currently uses a single blind review process: reviewers see the author names, but authors do not see the reviewer names. Reviewers should not reveal their identities to authors or others. The review itself will be shared only with the author, and possibly with other reviewers and our Board.
  6. Know our Editorial Policies. You should be aware of Science Advances's policies for authors regarding conflict of interest, data availability, and materials sharing found here.

Additional information about peer review is available at:

Council of Science Editors, White Paper on Promoting Integrity in Scientific Journal Publications

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