Science Advances staff

Editorial staff

Editor-in-Chief, Science family of journals: Holden Thorp

Editor: Ali Shilatifard, PhD

Managing Editor: Laura Remis

Assistant Managing Editor: Susan Reiss

Editorial Associates: Esinu Abadjivor, Hannah Mae Atherton, Jenny Geyer, Kasey Hayes, David Padgham, Rocio Vidal-Ronchas

Editorial Coordinators: Tyler Beckett, Chris Logan, Monique Martinez, Tim McHenry, Lynn Oseguera, Hannah Pell, Ruth Scherr, Christopher Trigo, Hannah Vinchur, Elizabeth Von Mann

Publishing office and business staff

Chief Executive Officer and Executive Publisher, Science Family of Journals: Sudip S. Parikh

Publisher: Bill Moran

Director, Business Systems and Financial Analysis: Randy Yi
Associate Director, Product Management: Kris Bishop
Director, Copyright/License and Special Projects: Emilie David
Director, Institutional Licensing Operations: Iquo Edim
Rights and Permissions Associate: Elizabeth Sandler
Senior Product Associate: Robert Koepke


Digital/Print Strategy Manager: Jason Hillman
Quality Technical Manager: Marcus Spiegler
Senior Content Specialists: Jacob Hedrick, Antoinette Hodal, Lori Murphy
Production Specialist: Kristin Wowk

Design Managing Editor: Marcy Atarod
Photography Managing Editor: Bill Douthitt