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  • Materials and Methods
  • Table S1. 210Pb dates on core P178-15 BC1.
  • Table S2. Radiocarbon dates on core P178-15 BC1.
  • Table S3. Radiocarbon dates on core P178-15P.
  • Table S4. List of the CMIP5 models used for the analyses.
  • Fig. S1. 210Pb data from P178-15 BC1.
  • Fig. S2. The age model for P178-15 BC1.
  • Fig. S3. The age model for P178-15P for the last 4000 years.
  • Fig. S4. A sample GC-FID chromatogram of fatty acids (as methyl esters) from core P178-15P.
  • Fig. S5. TEX86-based SST anomalies from P178-15 BC1 versus instrumental observations.
  • Fig. S6. First derivative of the δDwax data from the Gulf of Aden.
  • Fig. S7. Multimodel mean of trends in simulated precipitation from the CMIP5 historical experiment.
  • Fig. S8. Projected change (%) in eastern Horn of Africa precipitation versus projected changes in zonal surface temperature gradients in the Indian and Pacific Ocean basins.
  • Fig. S9. Scatterplot of the correlation coefficient between the simulated annual cycle of precipitation in the Horn of Africa versus the observed annual cycle (from GPCC v6) and the SD of a modified Dipole Mode Index (DMIm).
  • Fig. S10. Scatterplot of the SD of a modified Dipole Mode Index (DMIm) and the projected change in precipitation for the RCP 8.5 experiment.
  • References (43–74)

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