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  • Mass transport–induced crystallization of CTCCs
  • Fig. S1. Photograph of the crystals.
  • Fig. S2. Optical microscopy image of the initial growth stage of the crystals.
  • Fig. S3. Dark-field optical microscopy image of the CTCC.
  • Fig. S4. AFM image near the center of the cocrystals.
  • Classical molecule dynamics (MD) simulations on the interface configuration of polythiophene/C60 CTCCs
  • Fig. S5. Polythiophene/C60 interface configuration while polythiophene structure starts from free surface at x direction.
  • Fig. S6. Polythiophene/C60 interface configuration with monolayer or single-molecule polythiophene.
  • Table S1. Energy-level distribution of polythiophene layer close to the polythiophene/C60 interface with multilayer polythiophene crystal and single molecule, respectively.
  • Time- and RR-dependent crystallization
  • Fig. S7. Time-dependent crystal growing for 91% RR CTCC.
  • Fig. S8. Time-dependent crystal growing for 95.7% RR CTCC.
  • Absorption spectra
  • Fig. S9. Absorption spectra of CTCCs measured by microscope in the range of 600 to 1200 nm.
    RR-dependent electrical and magnetic properties
  • Fig. S10. Magnetoconductance.
  • Fig. S11. ME coupling effect with different loading electric field.
  • Electrical properties
  • Fig. S12. Electrical properties as a function of temperature and frequency.
  • Anisotropic MC effect
  • Fig. S13. MC of CTCC under different electric field.
  • Fig. S14. MC of CTCC under different magnetic field.
  • Fig. S15. Light-illuminated MC of CTCC under different magnetic field.
  • Fig. S16. Light intensity–dependent MC of vertical.
  • Piezoelectric response
  • Fig. S17. Amplitude of the piezoelectric response versus tip bias.
  • Electron spin resonance
  • Fig. S18. ESR of CTCC at 80 K and room temperature.
  • Angle-dependent magnetism
  • Fig. S19. Angle-dependent M-H loops of CTCC.
  • M-H loop of CTCC powder
  • Fig. S20. M-H loop of the free-standing CTCC powder.
  • Dark and light-illuminated magnetism
  • Fig. S21
  • Magnetoelectric coupling
  • Fig. S22. Tunability of magnetization by electric field when the electric field is oriented perpendicular (A and C) and parallel (B and D) to the cocrystal long axis without (A and B) and with (C and D) light illumination.
  • References (43–55)

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