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This PDF file includes:

  • Materials and Methods
  • Curious Marie: not a FUN CAI.
  • The 247Cm-235U chronometer and the initial abundances of 247Cm in the ESS.
  • GCE model
  • Fig. S1. Photos of typical fine-grained and coarse-grained CAIs. Figs. S2 to S15. Secondary electron, backscattered electron, and false-color RGB maps of all samples.
  • Fig. S16. REE and U-Th abundance patterns of all 12 fine-grained CAIs analyzed in this study.
  • Fig. S17. Results of the standard addition measurements conducted on the Curious Marie CAI.
  • Fig. S18. U blank from new U/TEVA resin as a function of the volume of 0.05 M HCl passed through the column.
  • Fig. S19. Results of precision tests of U isotopic measurements done using various instrumental setups.
  • Fig. S20. Comparison of the δ235U determined on the CAIs using 80% (x axis) and 20% (y axis) of the sample.
  • Fig. S21. Flowchart of the tests conducted on the Curious Marie CAI.
  • Fig. S22. Evolution of the U isotopic composition of the gas, instantaneous solid, and cumulative solid, as a function of the fraction of U condensed.
  • Table S1. Results of SEM analysis on small chips of CAIs mounted in epoxy (wt %).
  • Table S2. Summary of U isotopic compositions and concentrations of CAIs and geostandards.
  • Table S3. Specifics of U isotopic measurements on MC-ICPMS for low U samples.
  • Table S4. Compilation of chemistry blanks and effect on U “stable” isotope ratio measurements.
  • Table S5. Summary of the Ti data obtained on geostandards and the Curious Marie CAI.
  • Table S6. Production ratios of selected SLRs produced by the s-, r-, and p-process and present in the ESS, normalized to a stable isotope produced in the same or similar nucleosynthetic process.
  • Table S7. Compilation of Cm/U isochron data and free-decay interval data from experimental and theoretical studies.
  • Table S8. Selected extinct radionuclides produced by the s-, r-, and p-process.
  • References (38–78)

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