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Supplementary Materials

This PDF file includes:

  • Electron filling in AIs
  • Symmetries of SG No. 199
  • feQBI tight-binding examples
  • Hypothetical structure for spin-orbit coupled hyperkagome material Na3Ir3O8
  • Discussions on the SE cut
  • Fig. S1. Reproduction of Fig. 1D with different viewing conditions and extra
  • Fig. S2. Energy and entanglement band structure for an alternative feQBI
    example for SG No. 199.
  • Fig. S3. Plot of band gap for the hyperkagome model in eq. S3 at filling v = 4.
  • Fig. S4. Plot of surface band structure against the surface crystal momentum k||
    for the model in eq. S3.
  • Table S1. List of symmetry elements for SG No. 199.
  • Table S2. Spin-quantization axes corresponding to the SG symmetric spin texture.
  • Table S3. Symmetry eigenvalues of the irreducible little group representations at
    high-symmetry momenta.
  • Table S4. Transformation of tight-binding sites under the symmetry elements.
  • Table S5. A full list of terms in the feQBI tight-binding example given in the text.
  • Table S6. Terms in an alternative eight-band feQBI tight-binding example.
  • Table S7. Measured structure of Na3Ir3O8 by Takayama et al. (19).
  • Table S8. “Symmetry-enriched” hypothetical structure of Na3Ir3O8 in SG No.

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