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  • S1. Constants and properties of H2O and D2O
  • S2. Femtosecond elastic second harmonic scattering
  • S3. Phenomenological discussion of the response of spherical domains
  • S4. Spherical domain size dependence of the fs-ESHS signal
  • S5. Molecular dynamics simulations
  • S6. fs-ESHS from pure H2O and D2O
  • S7. Mean-field models
  • S8. Surface tension measurements and interpretation
  • Table S1. Constants and properties of H2O and D2O.
  • Table S2. Domain radius, corresponding number of hydration shells, and anisotropy in case the domain size is only determined by the average ion separation.
  • Fig. S1. Elastic and inelastic second harmonic scattering.
  • Fig. S2. Sketch of the relevant parameters needed in the phenomenological discussion.
  • Fig. S3. ΔI as a function of domain size and relative structural anisotropy.
  • Fig. S4. fs-ESHS patterns for pure H2O and pure D2O.
  • Fig. S5. Mean-field models and temperature dependence.
  • References (61–87)

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