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  • fig. S1. A series of mapping figures, with digitized terminus positions (green, 1974; yellow, 1990; blue, 2000; red, 2012) and glacier ID numbers, overlain on the 2000 Landsat base image.
  • fig. S2. Subsurface ocean change per meter in DB13 with uncertainty estimates (for example, Fig. 3).
  • fig. S3. Mean winter (April to October) sea-ice days for 1990–2000 (for example, the reference period in Fig. 4).
  • fig. S4. Schematic diagram of shelf water dynamics in Wilkes Land.
  • table S1. Glacier terminus position change across each epoch.
  • table S2. Wilcoxon tests for significant differences between glacier terminus position change between each epoch.
  • database S1. Terminus position change measurements for all outlet glaciers in East Antarctica.

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