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  • Supplementary Materials and Methods
  • fig. S1. Schematic representation of mechanochemical ball milling.
  • fig. S2. Field-emission SEM images and element mappings of SeGnPs.
  • fig. S3. Dark-field TEM image and element mappings with EDX (TEM) spectra.
  • fig. S4. EDX (SEM) and XPS spectra.
  • fig. S5. Nitrogen adsorption-desorption isotherms, Raman spectra, XRD patterns, and contact angles.
  • fig. S6. TGA thermograms.
  • fig. S7. Photographs of SeGnP dispersed solutions in various solvents.
  • fig. S8. AR-TEM, HR-TEM, and STEM images.
  • fig. S9. SEM images of SeGnP coated on FTO.
  • fig. S10. Schematic representation of symmetrical dummy cell and EC.
  • fig. S11. Electrocatalytic activities of the HGnP dummy cell in Co(bpy)32+/3+ electrolytes.
  • fig. S12. Electrocatalytic activities of the reference HGnP dummy cell in I/I3 electrolytes.
  • fig. S13. EC model.
  • fig. S14. Optical transmittance, SEM images, and Nyquist plots.
  • fig. S15. Nyquist plots and resistance changes.
  • fig. S16. Potential step CA curves on symmetrical dummy cells.
  • fig. S17. Cyclic voltammograms in Co(bpy)32+/3+ redox couple and oxidation and reduction peak.
  • fig. S18. Cyclic voltammograms in I/I3 redox couple and oxidation and reduction peak.
  • fig. S19. Cyclic voltammograms obtained at a scan rate of 50 mV s−1.
  • fig. S20. Nyquist plots of the symmetrical dummy cells on Co(bpy)32+/3+ and I/I3 electrolytes.
  • fig. S21. Nyquist plots measured 1 month later after 1000 cycling measurements.
  • fig. S22. Se-doped graphene models.
  • fig. S23. Adsorption geometries of the I atom on Se(c1)-GnP in vacuum and acetonitrile.
  • fig. S24. Se-doped models and the adsorption energies of the I atom.
  • fig. S25. Graphene models used in DFT and computational setup for NEGF.
  • fig. S26. Configurations of I or I3 adsorbed on graphene.
  • fig. S27. Mulliken charge populations.
  • fig. S28. Transmission functions of graphene and corresponding I-V characteristics.
  • fig. S29. Nyquist plots and Rct and J0 as temperature.
  • fig. S30. Photocurrent transient dynamics and Nyquist plots of DSSCs.
  • table S1. TGA, EA, EDX, and XPS data of the pristine graphite and SeGnPs.
  • table S2. BET surface area, pore volume, and pore size of the pristine graphite and SeGnPs.
  • table S3. The size of I3 and Co(bpy)33+ ions.
  • References (41–68)

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