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  • fig. S1. SEM images of the Si nanocone arrays with the tips of SiO2, Si nanocone arrays, and Mo:BiVO4 on SiOX/Pt/SnO2 nanocone arrays.
  • fig. S2. SEM images with different magnifications of the conductive nanocone substrate.
  • fig. S3. Band energy diagram of the designed BiVO4-based photoanode.
  • fig. S4. SEM images of nanoporous Mo:BiVO4 on the Pt-coated glass and the FTO-coated glass substrates.
  • fig. S5. XRD pattern of nanoporous Mo:BiVO4.
  • fig. S6. PEC water-splitting performance of BiVO4 on the FTO-coated glass with different Mo-doping concentrations tested in pH 7 phosphate buffer solution.
  • fig. S7. High-resolution Bi, V, and Mo XPS spectra of 3% Mo:BiVO4.
  • fig. S8. Band gap of 3% Mo-doped BiVO4.
  • fig. S9. The ABPE obtained from J-V curves in Fig. 4B according to the equation η = I (1.23 − Vapp)/Plight.
  • fig. S10. A typical TEM image of Fe(Ni)OOH nanoparticles on Mo:BiVO4 and its corresponding EDX spectrum.
  • fig. S11. Photocurrent density versus time responses of the optimized nanocone/Mo:BiVO4/Fe(Ni)OOH photoanode over 5 hours at 1.23 V versus RHE.
  • fig. S12. Sulfite oxidation measurements of Mo:BiVO4 on the conductive flat substrate and the nanocone substrate with the same film thickness of ~700 nm (see Fig. 2 and fig. S3) performed in pH 7 phosphate buffer solution containing 0.5 M Na2SO3.
  • fig. S13. J-V characteristics of the optimized nanocone Mo:BiVO4/Fe(Ni)OOH photoanode measured using a two-electrode (a working electrode and a Pt counter electrode) method in pH 7 phosphate buffer solution.
  • fig. S14. The distribution of ABPE by measurements of batches of photoanodes performed in a two-electrode system.
  • fig. S15. J-V curve of a PSC measured under 1-sun irradiation.
  • fig. S16. The morphology of the Mo:BiVO4/Fe(Ni)OOH after 10 hours of PEC test.
  • fig. S17. H2 and O2 production from the tandem device and the theoretical gas production rate of the tandem device.

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