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  • fig. S1. Characterizations of the CNTs.
  • fig. S2. FESEM images of the MoS2 material synthesized by the hydrothermal method, with the addition of PAN nanofibers without the CoSx protective layer.
  • fig. S3. FESEM images of the CNT/PAN-Co precursor composite nanofibers.
  • fig. S4. XRD pattern of the CNT/PAN-Co precursor.
  • fig. S5. EDX spectrum of the PAN/CNT-CoSx composite nanofibers.
  • fig. S6. XRD analysis of the as-prepared materials.
  • fig. S7. EDX spectrum of the CNT/MoS2-Co composite.
  • fig. S8. XPS spectra of the CNT/MoS2 tubular nanohybrids.
  • fig. S9. TGA curves of CNTs, MoS2 tubular structures, and CNT/MoS2 nanohybrid in air.
  • fig. S10. N2 sorption analysis of the CNT/MoS2 tubular nanohybrids.
  • fig. S11. Characterizations of porous MoS2 tubular structures and their corresponding precursors.
  • fig. S12. XRD and EDX analysis of the MoS2 nanotubes.
  • fig. S13. Characterizations of the MoS2 flakes.
  • fig. S14. TEM and FESEM characterizations of as-prepared porous MoS2 nanotubes.
  • fig. S15. TEM images of the CNT/MoS2 tubular nanohybrids with different MoS2 shell thicknesses.
  • fig. S16. TEM images of the MoS2 nanotubes internally wired by CNTs with a smaller diameter.
  • fig. S17. Electrochemical characterizations of the CNT/MoS2 tubular nanohybrids and MoS2 tubular structures.
  • fig. S18. Electrochemical characterizations of the MoS2 flakes.
  • fig. S19. Postmortem characterizations of the CNT/MoS2 tubular nanohybrids after cycling.
  • fig. S20. Postmortem characterizations of porous MoS2 nanotubes after cycling.
  • fig. S21. Postmortem characterizations of the MoS2 flakes after cycling.
  • fig. S22. Nyquist plots of the prepared samples.
  • table S1. Resistance of different MoS2/carbon composite electrodes.
  • table S2. Electrochemical performance of different MoS2-based electrodes.

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