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  • fig. S1. Observation of 1 × 1 lattice induced by oxygen intercalation.
  • fig. S2. XPS spectra of oxygen-intercalated silicene.
  • fig. S3. In situ temperature-dependent Raman spectra of silicene samples in different structures.
  • fig. S4. Ex situ Raman spectra of oxygen-intercalated samples exposed to ambient air.
  • fig. S5. STM results on intercalated silicene layers.
  • fig. S6. STM images of samples after oxygen intercalation under different doses and STS dI/dV measurements.
  • fig. S7. Additional ARPES results on intercalated silicene under an oxygen dose of 600 L.
  • fig. S8. ARPES results on silicene buffer layer grown on Ag(111).
  • fig. S9. STS in intercalated and pristine areas of silicene.
  • fig. S10. DFT results on the electronic band structure of oxygen-intercalated bilayer silicene.
  • fig. S11. DFT results on the partial density of states of bilayer silicene before and after oxygen intercalation.

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