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  • fig. S1. IR spectra during the TGA as a function of the time (rate was 5°C/min) for pristine 6FDA-HAB polymer and allyl-functionalized 6FDA-HAB polymer.
  • fig. S2. FTIR for the allyl-functionalized 6FDA-HAB polymer at different temperatures of thermal treatment.
  • fig. S3. FTIR for the pristine and functionalized polymers derived from 6FDA-HAB before and after thermal rearrangement.
  • fig. S4. 1H NMR for the polymer 6FDA-HAB.
  • fig. S5. 1H NMR for the polymer 6FDA-HAB-allyl.
  • fig. S6. Solid-state 13C NMR for the polymer 6FDA-HAB-allyl after different thermal treatments.
  • fig. S7. Dynamic TGA for the pristine and functionalized polymers derived from 6FDA-BisAPAF, BTDA-BisAPAF, and PMDA-BisAPAF.
  • fig. S8. CO2 solubility and diffusivity for the polymers studied in this work.
  • fig. S9. Robeson’s trade-off for the separation CO2/N2 and O2/N2 gas pairs.
  • fig. S10. High feed pressure experiments for 6FDA-HAB-allyl thermally treated at 350°C.
  • table S1. Characteristic thermal points for the rearrangement and degradation temperature for the pristine and functionalized polymers derived from 6FDA-HAB.
  • table S2. Mechanical properties of the polymers under study.
  • table S3. Rearrangement properties for all the polymers synthesized in this work.
  • table S4. Results for the permeability of different pure gases and selectivity of different pairs of gases at 1 bar feed pressure and 30°C.
  • table S5. Physical properties of precursor allyl-functionalized polyimide (6FDA-HAB-allyl– and allyl-TR-PBO–derived membranes.

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