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Supplementary Materials

This PDF file includes:

  • fig. S1. Electron density maps of extended DNA strands and HU arm regions.
  • fig. S2. Superimposition of two HU-DNA complex faces reveals distinct protein-DNA interfaces.
  • fig. S3. Structurally informed sequence alignment of HU/IHF family members reveals conservation with functional implications.
  • fig. S4. Schematic of all protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions.
  • fig. S5. Experimental SAXS of HUαα-DNA assemblies reveals DNA networks.
  • fig. S6. SAXS analysis of HUαβ/80-bp DNA indicates formation of filament-like assemblies.
  • fig. S7. HUαb and HUα38α38 transform the HUαα/80-bp DNA network into filaments.
  • fig. S8. SAXS analysis of HUα38α38/80-bp DNA indicates formation of filament-like assemblies.
  • fig. S9. DNA supercoiling regulated by altering ratios of HUαα/HUαβ.
  • table S1. X-ray diffraction data collection and refinement statistics (molecular replacement).
  • table S2. SAXS data collection and analysis parameters.
  • Legends for movies S1 to S4

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Other Supplementary Material for this manuscript includes the following:

  • movie S1 (.mpg format). Distinct DNA binding modes of HUαα with nonspecific and damaged DNA.
  • movie S2 (.mpg format). Formation of HUα&alph;-DNA assembly.
  • movie S3 (.mpg format). Formation of HUαβ-DNA assembly.
  • movie S4 (.mpg format). Formation of HUα38α38-DNA assembly.

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