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  • fig. S1. AFM height (left) and phase (right) images of bare PEA and PMA surfaces at different magnifications from 500 nm to 5 μm.
  • fig. S2. AFM phase images of BMP-2 and PDGF-BB (100 ng/ml) adsorbed on PEA and PMA, with indication of average size of the GF aggregates on each image.
  • fig. S3. Colocalization of integrin β5 and BMPRIa after 1 day of culture on PEA/FN/BMP-2.
  • fig. S4. Phosphorylation of FAK on PEA using different conditions for BMP-2 presentation: bound on the surface as a coating versus soluble in the culture medium as well as using P5F3 control.
  • fig. S5. Full longitudinal sections of 8-week radial samples stained with Safranin O/Fast Green.
  • table S1. Primers for qPCR.

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