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  • fig. S1. Circadian rhythms in locomotor activity in theWT, Vipr2−/−, Cry1,2−/−, and Cry1,2−/−/Vipr2−/− mice.
    fig. S2. Circadian rhythms in PER2::LUC in the cultured SCN of Cry1,2−/−/Vipr2−/− mice.
    fig. S3. Circadian PER2::LUC rhythms in the cultured SCN slice of Cry1,2−/− mice applied with MDL-12330A or BAPTA-AM of different doses.
    fig. S4. Rescue of the circadian PER2::LUC rhythm in the arrhythmic adult SCN slice of Cry1,2−/− or Cry1,2−/−/Vipr2−/− mice by coculture with a neonatal WT SCN.
    fig. S5. AVP receptor antagonists modify rescued circadian PER2::LUC rhythms in the arrhythmic adult Cry1,2−/− or Cry1,2−/−/Vipr2−/− SCN.
    fig. S6. A differential cell cluster model for the mouse SCN neural network.

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