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  • fig. S1. Fabrication process and the testing setup of the CNT-STEM.
  • fig. S2. AACVD for N-MWCNT synthesis.
  • fig. S3. Raman spectra of the newly synthesized N-MWCNT structures on silicon substrates and the effect of the synthesis time on the height, diameter, and density of the aligned N-MWCNT structure.
  • fig. S4. Characterization of size-based particle capture by CNT-STEM.
  • fig. S5. Laser diffraction measurement of the size distribution of the LP AIV H5N2 strain used in this study.
  • fig. S6. Standard curve for the rRT-PCR detection of H5N2 AIV (n = 4 each).
  • fig. S7. Capture efficiency measurement of CNT-STEM with 25-, 95-, and 325-nm intertubular distances when loading H5N2 AIV of 106 EID50/ml of titer into each device (n = 6).
  • fig. S8. rRT-PCR curves of H5N2 AIV samples of 10 and 102 EID50/ml of titers without enrichment and those of 0.1 and 1 EID50/ml of titers with CNT-STEM enrichment (n = 6).
  • fig. S9. The compatibility test of N-MWCNT to rRT-PCR.
  • fig. S10. Diagram of data processing pipeline for NGS.
  • fig. S11. SEM images of CNT-STEM after processing field sample containing AIV.
  • fig. S12. rRT-PCR detection of the H11N9 AIV duck swab with and without CNT-STEM enrichment.
  • fig. S13. Structural mechanics analysis of N-MWCNT forest.
  • fig. S14. Analysis device yield, reliability, and failure modes.
  • fig. S15. Fluorescent image of FITC-conjugated IgG pass through CNT-STEM of 25-nm in interturbular distance.
  • fig. S16. Calculated distance between the iron particles based on the Delaunay triangle selection algorithm.
  • table S1. Measurement of the intertubular distance of N-MWCNT forest and the corresponding critical particle sizes of CNT-STEM.
  • table S2. Assembled contigs of the LP H5N2 AIV sample enriched by CNT-STEM.
  • table S3. Phylogenetic analysis of the sequenced H5N2 strain (A/chicken/PA/7659/1985) to closely related H5N2 AIV strains isolated from United States/Canada in GenBank.
  • table S4. Assembled contigs of the H11N9 AIV field sample enriched by CNT-STEM.
  • table S5. Phylogenetic analysis of the emerging H11N9 strain (A/duck/PA/02099/2012) to previously reported and closely related AIV strains.
  • table S6. Comparison of contigs of the unknown virus (IBDV/turkey/PA/00924/14) generated by de novo assembly after CNT-STEM enrichment and NGS to the closest IBDV strains in GenBank.
  • table S7. Single-nucleotide polymorphism/variant analysis of the “unknown” virus (IBDV/turkey/PA/00924/14) to sequenced IBDV virus strains.
  • table S8. Comparison of CNT-STEM to several reported ultrafiltration devices.
  • table S9. Yield and reliability analysis of CNT-STEM fabrication, assembly, and testing.
  • note S1. Structure stiffness of N-MWCNT forest in the CNT-STEM.
  • note S2. Device reliability study.
  • References (7685)

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