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    table S1. MELD energies of CASP structures.
    fig. S1. Ab initio folding.
    fig. S2. Ab initio folding guided by contact predictions.
    fig. S3. Ab initio folding guided by an unassigned NMR-like data set.
    fig. S4. Native structure for target T0824.
    fig. S5. Comparison of the average performances of different groups over the targets we tackled.
  • fig. S6. Simple two-state folding mechanism.
  • fig. S7. Complex folding mechanism.
  • fig. S8. Identification of multiple misfolded intermediates for T0769.
  • fig. S9. Prediction of a mirror topology.
  • fig. S10. When the instructives are sufficiently wrong, MELD will not find the correct native structure.
  • References (2941)

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