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This PDF file includes:

  • fig. S1. Rab10 localizes to the LD surface during serum starvation in various hepatocyte cell models.
  • fig. S2. Rab10 knockdown results in LD accumulation in multiple cell types.
  • fig. S3. Rab10-driven autophagy of LDs is dependent on upstream autophagic initiation.
  • fig. S4. Additional EM of Rab10-associated autophagic-LD interactions.
  • fig. S5. Serum starvation potentiates the formation of a Rab10 complex together with the membrane trafficking proteins EHBP1 and EHD2 at the lipophagic junction.
  • fig. S6. EHBP1 is an essential component necessary for LD turnover.
  • fig. S7. Atg7 knockdown prevents starvation-induced autophagic organelle-LD association.
  • fig. S8. Rab7 and Rab10 have different effector protein binding specificities.
  • References (49, 50)

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Other Supplementary Material for this manuscript includes the following:

  • video S1 (.mp4 format). EHD2 is recruited to a LD after Rab10.
  • video S2 (.mp4 format). mCherry-Rab10 extends along the surface of a LD.
  • video S3 (.mp4 format). GFP-Rab10 extends along the surface of a LD.
  • video S4 (.mp4 format). Rab10 is recruited to a Rab7-positive LD.

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