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Supplementary Materials

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  • Supplementary Materials and Methods
  • fig. S1. Collapsing monuments in Angkor site.
  • fig. S2. Extension of urban land use estimated by the comparison of multitemporal Landsat images for the period 1985–2013.
  • fig. S3. Field photos of wells for pumping groundwater.
  • fig. S4. Monument-scale Tomo-PSInSAR derived annual deformation rates in ancient temples (overlaid on the averaged amplitude of SAR imagery).
  • fig. S5. Validation of Tomo-PSInSAR–derived motions using the PS heights confirmed by field investigations undertaken in 2014.
  • table S1. Parameters of acquisition and interferogram formation of TerraSAR/TanDEM-X SAR images and the corresponding temperature data (10 a.m. local time) used in this study; the acquisition of 4 November 2012 (marked by the star) was selected as the reference image.

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