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This PDF file includes:

  • fig. S1. Time-course study of VirE2 subcellular localizations inside N. benthamiana cells.
  • fig. S2. Accumulation of Agrobacterium at the intercellular space of infiltrated leaf epidermal cells.
  • fig. S3. Accumulation of Agrobacterium-delivered VirE2 at the host plasma membrane.
  • fig. S4. Colocalization of VirE2 with FM4-64–labeled endomembrane compartments in N. benthamiana epidermal cells.
  • fig. S5. Expression of Hub impaired FM4-64 uptake in N. benthamiana epidermal cells.
  • fig. S6. Expression of dominant-negative clathrin Hub impaired VirE2 departure from the plasma membrane in N. benthamiana epidermal cells.
  • fig. S7. Agrobacterium-delivered VirE2 was associated with early endosomes rather than late endosomes.
  • fig. S8. Mutations at other putative VirE2 endocytic sorting motifs did not affect VirE2 internalization in host cells.
  • fig. S9. Sequence alignment analysis of VirE2 from different types of Ti plasmids.
  • table S1. Strains and plasmids used in the studies.
  • Legends for movies S1 and S2
  • References (69–71)

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Other Supplementary Material for this manuscript includes the following:

  • movie S1(.avi format). Comovement of VirE2 with FM4-64–labeled vesicles.
  • movie S2 (.avi format). Restriction of VirE2 trafficking in ES1-induced aggregation of SYP61-containing endosomes.

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