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This PDF file includes:

  • text S1. Sellers’ two-stream approximation
  • text S2. 2D reflectance model
  • text S3. NIRV and SIF simulations using SCOPE
  • table S1. Parameter values for two-stream approximation model.
  • table S2. Model parameters used in 2D reflectance model.
  • table S3. Parameter ranges used in 2D reflectance model sensitivity test.
  • table S4. SCOPE parameter values.
  • table S5. Multiyear monthly average NIRV, fPAR, and GPP, by land cover classification for 105 FLUXNET sites.
  • fig. S1. NIRV more strongly predicts canopy fPAR than does NDVI.
  • fig. S2. NIRV as a function of NDVI and NIRT.
  • fig. S3. Linear relationship between modeled NIRV and SIF.
  • fig. S4. Comparison of the monthly MODIS-derived (A) NIRT and (B) NIRV against GOME-2 measurements of SIF.
  • References (37, 38)

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