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  • Supplementary Text
  • fig. S1. Seasonal cycle of ocean surface salinities for 2013 provided by the Aquarius Mission (NASA and Space Agency of Argentina;
  • fig. S2. Relationship between salinity (depths, 5 and 20 m) and surface plastic debris measured in the present study.
  • fig. S3. Pie charts in number of items (upper) and surface area (lower) of the plastic types found in the Mediterranean Sea (left), SOGs (center), and Arctic Ocean (right).
  • fig. S4. Images of different categories of microplastics found in the Arctic Ocean.
  • fig. S5. Relationship between the estimates of total surface plastic load (2, 7); this work, coastal population, and presence of vessels per great basins: Arctic, Mediterranean (Med), North Atlantic (N Atl), South Atlantic (S Atl), North Pacific (N Pac), South Pacific (S Pac), and Indian Ocean.
  • table S1. Size distribution of floating plastic debris collected for the present study.
  • table S2. Number of items per tow (fibers, nonfibers, and total items) and concentrations in abundance and weight per square kilometer (excluding fibers).
  • References (28, 29)

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