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  • section S1. Stroboscopic pump-probe MOKE experiments using a picosecond laser
  • section S2. Characterization of magnetic films
  • section S3. Oscillatory SOT-induced magnetization switching: Micromagnetic simulations
  • section S4. Domain wall moving along the left edge
  • section S5. Backward motion of a domain wall reflected at an edge
  • fig. S1. Stroboscopic pump-probe MOKE setup.
  • fig. S2. Vibrating sample magnetometry and MOKE measurements.
  • fig. S3. Time-varying z component of the magnetization and its configurations.
  • fig. S4. Domain wall types formed in the two-dimensional sample.
  • fig. S5. Temporal evolutions of domain wall position q for the Bloch-type domain wall.
  • References (42–50)

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